About J & J

Jack Janice

Janice and Jack were classmates since primary school. They were top students in class. They later studied in the same secondary school and started dating each other when they were in Form 6. Check out some of their old pictures and see if you can recognize them.

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Jack is a lucky person. Having got an excellent academic performance in school, he accomplished his university degree for free with all the scholarships awarded by the college. Then he got the offer from Morgan Stanley, a top investment bank, and had a rewarding career there. He later married the prettiest girl he has ever met. His luck didn’t stop here. He later mastered piano with his gifted talent and founded a successful musical educational centre, LBSM 愛琴軒.

He reached financial freedom before he turned 30. Instead of “getting retired”, he devoted himself in visual arts creation, which was something he has been deeply interested in since he was young. Within a short period of time, he has gained lots of support and trust from his clients, fans, students, friends and family and he was very thankful about that. He will continue his journey and enjoy everything life has given to him.




Janice is a talented and all-rounded person. She is a dedicated educator, textbook writer, and illustrator. The diversity of work provides her with chances to make friends with people from all walks of life, which she really enjoys. She is a very nice and understanding person you would want to spend a comfy evening with.

Janice is also a keen reader. Her favourite author is Paulo Coelho, who reckons the power of love and determination. This echoes with Janice’s views, for she also emphasises living lovingly, consciously and purposefully. In fact, she has also come up with a few life principles for herself.
Be thankful. The positive energy inside you will open your eyes wider and bring you further.
Be humble. Trust me you can always learn something from everyone and everything you meet.
Be ready and bold. Stay alert when you are overcoming challenges. What’s left is timing. When the chance comes, seize it.